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German Cuisine All-You-Can-Eat

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Sunny Buffet launches a new all-you-can-eat German cuisine. You can taste authentic German cuisine and experience Germany’s unique food culture without going abroad.

Event Period:
  • From July 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024
Reservation Number

+886-2-2719-8399 extion 3310/3311

Food & Beverage by Palais de Chine Collection
Baked Potatoes with Bacon, Sour Cream

Baked Potatoes with Bacon, Sour Cream

The delicate imported potatoes are baked at high temperature until golden brown, sprinkled with crispy bacon and finished with a refreshing sour cream sauce, making it a simple yet classic dish.

Truffle Mushroom Fingernudel

Truffle Mushroom Finger Noodle

The main ingredients are potatoes, flour and butter, which are hand-rolled by the chef into finger shapes, boiled, stir-fried with wild mushrooms, and then added with truffle sauce, which enhances the overall flavor level, and allows you to taste the soft texture of the finger noodles.

  • German Pork Knuckle and White Sausage
    The German white sausage is pan-fried to a rich color and aroma, while the German pig’s knuckles are slowly braised with juniper berries, bay leaves, and other spices, then baked at high temperatures until the surface is crispy, and served with traditional German sauerkraut, making it an exotic delicacy that should not be missed.
  • Bavarian Roast Chicken
    This dish uses chicken legs, marinated with dozens of spices and seasoned for a day, then grilled at low temperature for 20 minutes to evenly heat the skin, resulting in a crispy texture.
  • Viennese Cutlet
    Simply seasoned pork chops coated with a special deep-frying batter, deep-fried at high temperature to a crispy brown color, and topped with a sweet and sour cherry sauce, this is a perfect pairing that will make you want to come back again and again.
  • Hungarian Beef Goulash
    Add red wine, paprika powder and other spices, and stew for two hours. After stewing, the beef ribs are rich and aromatic, and you can feel the tenderness and smoothness of the meat in your mouth, which is an overwhelmingly good flavor.
  • German Cheesecake
    The use of Germany’s representative quark cheese, which is low in fat and slightly sour in taste, makes the cheesecake rich with a bit of sourness, and the bottom layer is paired with homemade tarte, which is delicate and refreshing.
  • Linzer Torte
    The tartare is hand-rolled, evenly mixed with flour and nuts, filled with a fresh, sweet and sour raspberry sauce, and topped with a latticework of thin crusts, which are baked to give it a rich aroma and a layered texture.
  • German Crumble Cake
    Cream, flour and sugar are used to make the dough, which is then fermented overnight. After baking, the top of the crunchy crumb is irregularly shaped, and when you bite into it, you will first taste the crispy top layer, and then the fluffiness of the cake, which is creamy and delicious.
Meal Period / Price
Weekdays – Adult
Weekdays – Children
Weekends and Holidays – Adult
Weekends and Holidays – Children
Breakfast 07:00-10:30
Lunch 11:30-14:00
Dinner 18:00-2100
Afternoon Tea 14:45-17:00
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