The Best Buffet in Taipei, Indulge in a World Flavors

Welcome to the best buffet restaurant in Taipei! Indulge in flavorful local cuisine by our visionary chefs. Savor succulent seafood, French pastries, and seasonal highlights. Discover new culinary delights crafted onsite and awaken your senses to exceptional dishes.

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Food & Beverage by Palais de Chine Collection

The best buffet restaurant in Taipei
Indulge in a World of Flavors!

Welcome to Sunny Buffet, a culinary paradise where food dreams come true! Indulge in a delightful gastronomic journey like no other as we present an exquisite buffet experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

The culinary and beverage offerings are skillfully curated and presented by the proficient team from Palais de Chine Collection.

  • Reservation Number: +886-2-2719-8399 ext. 3310、3311
  • Operating Hours: 07:00-21:00
  • Capacity: 320 Seats with a private dining room for up to 60 guests
Meal Period / Price Weekdays - Adult Weekdays - Children Weekends and Holidays - Adult Weekends and Holidays - Children
Breakfast 07:00-10:30 NT$880 NT$440 NT$880 NT$440
Lunch 11:30-14:00 NT$1,080 NT$540 NT$1,280 NT$640
Dinner 18:00-21:00 NT$1,080 NT$540 NT$1,280 NT$640
Afternoon Tea 14:45-17:00 Nil Nil NT$980 NT$490
  • All prices are subject to a 10% service charge.
  • Free of charge for children under 100(included) cm
  • Half price for children between 101 cm to 130 cm.
  • Restaurant images are for reference purposes only, offerings change from time to time.

Gallery of Delicacies

Tom Yum Hot and Sour Seafood Soup
Lemongrass, clam, and abalone hotpot
Sunny Buffet Fresh Cooked Noodle
Laksa noodles
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Grilled nigiri sushi
Fresh Made Pizza
Fresh Made Pizza
Green Papaya Salad
Crispy Pork Roll with Herbs
Fresh Seafood Crabs
Sunny Buffet Breakfast
Sunny Buffet Breakfast Croissant
Sunny Buffet Breakfast Waffle
Sunny Buffet Fresh Bread
Sunny Buffet Canelé
Sunny Buffet Dessert

Visit our convenient lounge located near the Front Desk for a comfortable and inviting space to chat or relax. Enjoy delicious snacks and drinks while experiencing our impeccable service and warm hospitality. With seating for up to 10 people and hours from 11:30-20:00, it’s perfect for any casual meet-up or intimate gathering.

Reserve your spot by calling our Reservation Number at +886-2-2719-8399 ext. 3310 or 3311. Come and indulge in comfort and relaxation at Sunny Cafe.

Sunny Cafe

There’s a 10% service charge on all prices and the images of the restaurant are for reference only as offerings change. Thanks for choosing us, Enjoy!

Satisfy Your Cravings, Indulge in a World Flavors

Maintenance Notice

Ensuring the safety of our guests is our top priority, and we are dedicated to continually enhancing our facilities.
Scheduled from January 7, 2024, 23:59, to January 8, 2024, 06:30, we will be conducting crucial maintenance on power equipment, which may result in a temporary interruption of power in your room. Rest assured, emergency equipment will remain operational.
If you have any concerns or questions about your stay, please feel free to contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding.