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Dazzling Lights Illuminate the 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival

Prepare to be enchanted as the 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival takes flight with the theme of a blessing dragon soaring across Taipei City, showering residents with vibrant colors, luminous lights, and heartfelt blessings. The festival's focal point, the Blessing Dragon, symbolizes a majestic dragon surrounded by clouds of blessings and vivid hues, casting a spectacular glow over the West District of Taipei against the iconic backdrops of Ximen Red House and the North Gate.

Commencing this Saturday (Feb. 17), the 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival will illuminate all 123 lighting installations scattered across the western part of the capital. Expanding across venues near MRT Ximen and Beimen stations, as well as Sec. 1 of Zhonghua Rd., this month-long celebration transcends the traditional Lantern Festival date, extending the luminous festivities well beyond Feb. 24.

The festival’s showstopper, the three-story Blessing Dragon, designed by Taiwanese lighting artist Sammy Liu, takes center stage, offering a captivating three-minute light show synchronized with music every half hour.

The main lantern at the Taipei Lantern Festival reaches a height of three stories, combining rich variations of light and shadow with a grand musical accompaniment.

Notable highlights include the “night little dragons,” a fleet of dragon-themed vehicles weaving through the event venues. Furthermore, an interactive illumination display at the historic Taipei North Gate and a radiant artwork by Japanese visual artist Miwa Komatsu promise to mesmerize visitors.

The light carving performance, titled "North Gate Reflections," introduces interactive experiences for the first time. Attendees can scan a QR code with their smartphones to project their New Year wishes and blessings onto the North Gate.

For convenient access to the showcase, the city’s tourism agency recommends three Taipei Metro routes. Travelers can easily reach the Ximen, Zhonghua Road, and North Gate display zones by taking the MRT to Ximen Station (Exit 1), Taipei Main Station, or Beimen Station (Exit 1). Experience the magic of the 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival as it transforms the city into a luminous wonderland.

For additional information, please visit the official website of the 2024 Taipei Lantern Festival.

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