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A Daydream Wandering of Baby Brownie 1

Explore the Enchanting “A Daydream Wandering of Baby Brownie” at ILLUME TAIPEI Exhibition

Don't miss the captivating art exhibition featuring Calvin Lin's mesmerizing artwork. Visit ILLUME TAIPEI for an inspiring, magical journey until 2024/02/29.

Welcome to an experience like no other! Are you ready to indulge in a fantastical world of inspiration and wonder? Where your wildest childhood curiosity is reignited and your imagination knows no limits? Look no further than the awe-inspiring art exhibit, “A Daydream Wandering of Baby Brownie,” at ILLUME TAIPEI. This exquisite artwork on display until 2024/02/29 will transport you to a world unlike any other.

Overflowing with rainbow colors, cheerful bears, and whimsical clouds, it is truly a sight to behold. “A Daydream Wandering of Baby Brownie” is expertly crafted by the renowned tenon artist, Calvin Lin, founder of Tenon’Art. His impeccable skill and attention to detail have transformed this piece into a true work of art.

Exhibition Session:

Till 2024/03/30

Exhibition Venue:

1F Lobby, 1F & 2F Lift-waiting Area

tenon art calvin lin

Calvin Lin, Tenon'Art Founder

Contemporary artist, specializing in the art of tenon joinery. Calvin has created many well-known and popular works using this technique, which has garnered widespread praise both in Taiwan and internationally.

A Daydream Wandering of Baby Brownie 2
A Daydream Wandering of Baby Brownie 3

At ILLUME TAIPEI, we welcome you to journey with us and rediscover the pure and limitless potential of your inner child. Take a step into this magical realm, showered with inspiration and adventure, and watch your spirit soar!

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